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TM KitBrix Holdall

TM KitBrix Holdall

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What makes KitBrix unique? KitBrix is a robust, modular, military-inspired kit bag for passionate sports people. Each KitBrix bag can be zipped to another to form a rucksack, saving time in transition and travel to maximise your training and race day preparation. Each bag ‘stands’ on a robust base, offering complete visibility and control over contents and ready access to kit for training or competition. Storing kit in separate sections, easily marked with our supplied icons, removes the stress from preparation, leaving you, and perhaps your family, in a state of calm organised readiness.

KitBrix provides safe storage in the home, garage or car. Its unmatched build quality keeps expensive kit secure and ready to use at a moment’s notice, saving time and money. Available online with global shipping, in respected stores and at selected events. KitBrix also off a bespoke team service for kit personalisation.

KitBrix Specifications | Measures: 15.3”(l) x 9.5”(h) x 9.5”(d) / 39cm(l) x 24cm(h) x 24cm(d) | Capacity: 1220 (20L)| Weight: 2.8lbs (1.3kg)

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